1.5 months until law school

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Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is also the most difficult to prepare especially if you are waking up from a long night of partying, studying, or writing reports. Despite the difficulty, I always make sure I consume something before heading out of the house. Recently, in an effort to reach my fitness goals, I have been mixing whey protein shakes before heading out. This is healthy, convenient, but can hardly be considered a “proper breakfast.” A few weeks ago my roommate introduced me to Batter Blaster, a pressurized spray can containing pancake batter. Initially I was skeptical given the nutritional reputation of ready-to-eat foods especially ones that come from a can (whip cream and cheddar cheese), however, my fears subsided once I read the all-natural ingredient listing and saw the USDA Organic certification. I decided to give it a try and was beyond impressed. The entire process was easy and took less than ten minutes to prepare. In fact, the simplicity of cooking pancakes in the morning has inspired me to begin a tradition of preparing a “proper breakfast” every Monday morning to prepare me for the challenges of the upcoming work week. 

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Virtual Spring Cleaning

The recent privacy policy changes of Facebook.com prompted me to reevaluate my online identity – how the material I post and the comments I make portray my identity in the virtual world and subsequently, how that may influence the ways in which people interact with me in the real world.

Given my preparation for professional school is approaching within months, I decided to start with a clean Facebook slate. Discussing with others about this subject, many of my peers suggested using the “list” feature of FB to separate my professional (work, school) and personal (family, friends) networks. I responded that the idea was easier said than done. Often our networks intersect, there are different levels of intimacy within a network, or sometimes individuals shift from one network to another. This complicates matters and ultimately lists become obsolete. The more conservative opinions advised me to completely delete my FB account, however, I still value FB’s potential for professional networking. So I went ahead and created a new Facebook page by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Create a new page with an e-mail account that is not associated with your current primary account
  2. “Friend” yourself so the activity can be displayed on your friends’ feeds (they will inquire and add you)
  3. Once the new Facebook page is complete, use the “Find friends” function to befriend people on your buddy lists, e-mail accounts, etc.
  4. Return to your primary account and update your status with a message regarding the transition and a kind request to add the new profile (utilize the tagging function to link your new profile into your primary account’s status update)
  5. This method will also ensure that your friend list of your new account will consist of people you contact most frequently v. a litany of random friends and ghost profiles
  6. Now that you have a clean slate, work to maintain your new profile’s “cleanliness”
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